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For more than 75 years, Tata Motors has been synonymous with trust, quality and cutting-edge modernisation that drives the growth of the automobile sector in India. Going beyond manufacturing and selling high performance commercial vehicles, Tata Motors believes in creating an eco-system for success in business and entrepreneurship for our esteemed customers.

Realising the demand for commercial vehicles to support growing businesses in the Indian market, the TATA OK service was started by Tata Motors to enable clients get the right pre-owned vehicle for their business. TATA OK facilitates a range of services for the buying and selling, or exchange of commercial vehicles, ensuring complete reliability and unmatched performance.


Save precious time & efforts

Buying a pre-owned commercial vehicle can be a tedious process that requires time and efforts, taking your focus away from other aspects of business development. This is where TATA OK steps in to partner with you in the purchase, sale or exchange of pre-owned commercial vehicles, providing a solution that is both efficient and economical.


Happy Customer

Experience complete peace of mind

With TATA OK, you also get the benefit complete quality assurance and peace of mind that your vehicle is perfectly road-worthy and stays that way for years to come.

Value-added services for your convenience

We also provide an array of services throughout the process that meet the highest standards of excellence and transparency, be it documentation, financing or any other procurement issue. This ensures utmost convenience and helps in fast- tracking the deal.


Offering innovative solutions that boost our clients’ business and help them achieve their goals has always been a top priority for Tata Motors. As a result, we provide you with the best deals for every need, regardless of the commercial vehicle’s make, model or year of manufacturing.