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Drive your success with the widest variety of commercial vehicles from TATA OK

Your hard work and determination opens countless roads to success and TATA OK will always be there by your side to empower your journeys with the widest range of commercial vehicles that suit a variety of applications and purposes. These vehicles come with the assurance of quality backed by Tata Motors’ legacy of excellence, and provide matchless performance for years to come, fulfilling your business goals at every step of the way. Whether it’s easy loading application, heavy weight transportation, passenger movement, or anything else, you can rely on our wide variety of trucks as well as our comprehensive dealer network across India to find just
what you are looking for.

Small Commercial Vehicles

With a comprehensive, and highly purpose built variety of small commercial vehicles, TATA OK has enabled the self-reliance and independent business goals of innumerable customers. With their unparalleled performance, ideal size, and carrying capacity, our trucks are the preferred choice of self- employed entrepreneurs, local transport enterprises, or individuals seeking convenient solutions to ensure seamless last mile deliveries.

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Light Trucks

As the first automobile manufacturers to develop Light Commercial Vehicles in India, our expertise in the segment is without equal, and complemented by the guarantee of trust and value, light trucks from TATA OK help Indian entrepreneurs, transporters, and fleet operators deliver goods far and wide across the country, whether it is within the city limits or along the endless stretches of highways. Constantly innovated for better features and the best performance, these light trucks are a popular choice and a common sight on the roads.

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Medium & Heavy Trucks

Driven by years of innovation and key offerings in the M&HCV segment, Tata Motors Limited have emerged as the leaders of this category and our M&HCV trucks are specially designed to satisfy the ever-growing needs of transport providers, fleet operators, and business community. Serving as the lifeline of progress by plying across the country for agricultural, construction-related, heavy engineering transport and everything else in between, you will always find a built-to-last M&HCV truck on TATA OK, to suit your application the best.

Medium and heavy trucks can be bought, sold or exchanged with utmost convenience, by simply calling our toll free number - 1800 209 7979. 



Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks by Tata Motors are trusted for their performance by industry leaders in the field of construction and mining. Built for heavy-duty applications in difficult road conditions, Tipper trucks from TATA OK provide the best in everything from fuel efficiency and driver comfort to terrain management and convenient loading or unloading. Choose tipper trucks from Tata OK to stay ahead of the competition and boost your business with feature-driven convenience.

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Pickup Trucks

Regardless of whether it’s the big city or a rural landscape, pickup trucks are an integral part of transport services industry and highly crucial for last mile delivery of certain goods and products. As such, they have to be absolutely road-worthy and dependable for continuous uptime. Pickup trucks from Tata Motors don’t just provide supreme efficiency, but also ensure complete performance through unique features, better loading areas, diverse payload capacities, comfortable cabins and even the option to customise the body. 

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