Sell Your Used Truck



Sell Your Truck

Sell your truck with the country’s leading brand in the pre-owned commercial vehicle market

Selling your commercial vehicle can serve as a good way to save costs or adapt to changing market needs and business requirements. But selling a vehicle involves a time consuming process that includes getting your vehicle evaluated, finding the right buyer, negotiating the right price and finally, completing the formalities and paperwork

TATA OK, with its widespread expertise in used commercial vehicle market, is ideal choice for sellers who are keen on reducing the hassle and effort, while streamlining and fast-tracking the process. At TATA OK, we have covered from start to finish, right from doorstep evaluation to assistance and documentation.

As the nation’s leading brand in the pre-owned commercial vehicle market, TATA OK offers every solution you need, and furthermore, you get to benefit from exclusive deals found nowhere else, along with a pan-India dealer network readily available for specialised maintenance and upkeep.


48-Hour* Doorstep Evaluation

As a seller, you don’t have to bother transporting the vehicle to any location as our experts will come over to provide 48-hour* doorstep evaluation as per your convenience



Key Expertise in Evaluation of Any Truck

TATA OK brings with itself the automotive expertise and legacy of Tata Motors Limited, and our experts are trained to provide a fair and trustworthy evaluation of any vehicle so that you get the advantage of the best sales value

Higher Market Price for Your Existing Vehicle

When you sell with TATA OK, you get the advantage of getting the higher market price for your truck of any Make, Model or Vintage, as our evaluations are trusted for quality assurance and fair insights


Benefit of Higher Exchange Offers

Hassle-free Documentation Process


Watch Khiladi Akshay explain to Rohit how to sell off his old truck easily.

Accelerate the process of selling your vehicle with TATA OK from Tata Motors. Get in touch with us today to get a fair
and transparent evaluation along with the most lucrative sales price that the market has to offer.

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