TATA Ok Raksha

Protect your truck and your income with the power of Tata Ok Raksha

Your TATA OK certified truck gives you the power to move ahead in life and experience success through enhanced productivity and superior performance. Ensuring excellent returns through unparalleled service, these trucks are designed to be your partner in profits.

This is why TATA OK also offers the provision to protect your truck and safeguard your income with Tata Ok Raksha. This extended warranty helps your TATA OK certified truck maintain better uptime and superior productivity, which in turn, safeguards your income.

Widespread service and spares

Tata Ok Raksha ensures that your TATA OK certified truck receives only the best and genuine parts as well as spares for unmatched performance. This helps in minimising downtime and keeping the truck running smoothly for extended periods of time.

Keeps maintenance costs under control

This enables your TATA OK certified truck to get the ideal and optimum value during a resale, which saves costs and reduces expenses. This also ensures that your TATA OK certified truck offers the same benefits and performance to the new owner as it did to you.

Extended warranty advantage

The biggest advantage is that of the extended warranty that is applicable pan India.

SCV/Pick-up 6 months/ 10,000 km*
  • Engine
  • Gear Box
  • Rear Axle
12 months/ 20,000 km*
ILCV, MHCV 6 months/ 15,000 km*
12 months/ 30,000 km*
*T&C Apply