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Exchange Your Truck

Drive your success by exchanging your truck for India’s most trusted commercial vehicle

Exchanging your existing commercial vehicle for a Tata truck is a great alternative to selling, especially if you are looking forward to selling as a means of adapting to your changing business and logistics requirements. Backed by more than 75 years of automotive excellence, vehicles by Tata Motors Limited are known for their cutting-edge
innovation and reliable performance.

When you exchange your existing vehicle with TATA OK, you benefit from the legacy of quality and trust built by Tata Motors Limited, regardless of whether the vehicle you choose is a light truck for moderate load applications or a heavy duty tipper designed for uncompromising, robust performance in difficult conditions.

Right from the start to finish, our experts and executives will be involved with you to ensure that you receive a free and evaluation, followed by the right recommendations for a Tata commercial vehicle, and finally, the higher value for your existing vehicle of any make, model, or year of manufacturing.


Exchange of any Commercial Vehicle for a TATA Truck

Regardless of your existing truck’s make, model, or year of manufacturing, TATA OK gives you the edge of innovation by exchanging it for a high performance Tata commercial vehicle that assures dependable functionality


Higher Value For Your Vehicle

While you upgrade to the superior performance and output of Tata commercial vehicles, we at TATA OK will make sure you receive the higher value for your existing vehicle, through a fair and thorough evaluation by our skilled experts



Watch Khiladi Akshay appear again shedding light on exchanging trucks
via Tata Ok.

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