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Buy Pre Owned Truck

Empower your journey of success with quality-assured pre-owned vehicles

Whether it is starting your own business or expanding operations and taking things to the next level, pre-owned vehicles can be a huge asset that provide performance while saving costs. But finding and buying a reliable pre-owned truck that offers dependable service and great value can be difficult process that consumes precious time.

This is where TATA OK steps in to provide you with the easiest, most reliable journey towards acquiring the pre-owned vehicle of your choice. Regardless of the make, model, year of manufacturing, and value, we provide comprehensive services to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for while building a new business or expand your existing fleet.

One of the pioneers of the commercial vehicle market in India, our customers benefit from TATA OK’s immense reach, detailed assistance across the complete purchasing process, and comprehensive service and spares network that ensures as little down-time as possible.


Up to 120 Quality Checks

Up to 120 exhaustive and thoughtfully chosen Quality Checks provide the promise of quality

Quality Checks

Service History Details of TATA Vehicles

Get the service history details of Tata vehicles for a better understanding of the vehicle’s past usage and performance


Engine Warranty on TATA Vehicles

Engine warranty on Tata Vehicles saves maintenance costs and adds great value to the vehicle

Engine warranty

Min 80%* Finance on TATA OK Certified vehicles

Buying a TATA OK certified vehicle gives you the advantage of getting minimum 80%* finance

Document Transfer

100%* Document transfer

Experience complete peace of mind and total transparency with 100%* Document transfer

Document Transfer


Learn more about the advantages of buying a TATA OK certified truck with this informative video.

Learn more about the advantages of buying a TATA OK certified truck with this informative video.

Accelerate the success of your business, powered by the reliability of TATA OK from Tata Motors.
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